Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Worship: The Weapon of Our Warfare"

2 Corinthians 10:4
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.

Do you ever think that what we have, as His children, the Worship of His Name, the Praise of our lips, for the One Who is Mighty in Power and Who is Holy, is a weapon of warfare? I am speaking that, Worship is a weapon of our warfare. His praise is a weapon of warfare. As the Scripture tells us "for PULLING down strongholds."

Let me ask you: Does praising the Lord as a line of defense seems to be real to you? Trust me, it is! The binds of bondage are broken completely through praise and worship.

I, again, am reminded of Psalm 144:1 "Praise be to God! Who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle." This passage is a verse we use in our "Guitar Seminars" that we conduct off and on throughout the year. Notice, war & battle, this tells me that our praise and our worship is warfare. But also tells me that HE has trained us! In that, I can see that His power is there to break these bondages and these binds!

On a 3x5 card, write encouraging words such as, "The weapon of His people is praise." Carry this card with you for a few days, taking it out and reading it frequently to refresh your memory. Then see how much impact this simple thought has on your life, your spirit, and even your mind! It will transform you completely!

We need to be caught up in the realm of spiritual truth, that we remain at our post of praise, even in times of difficult situations. That we remain focused in these times through worship and praise.

I will never forget a time while out ministering in a nursing home, that we met a lady, Emma.
Emma was up in age, very small and quiet. She loved to praise God. One day as we went in for a service, Emma was missing. When we asked about her, we were told that she was sick and couldnt come out. So a visit was in line to check in on her. As we came to where Emma was at, we heard her praying. Her prayer was more praise and worship. But when she addressed the devil in her prayer and let him know that God was her strongtower, that she was His child, that she trusted in Him. I recall this sound, almost like an audio feed, was as if we could hear in the spirit, if you will. Emma stated, "In the Name of Jesus, and by His Blood, devil, GO!" We heard this scream, it wasnt Emma. it wasnt anyone in the home. It was a spiritual scream that made one say like T.L Osborne would say, "poor devil." I will add, he doesnt have a chance when a child of God KNOWS who they are.

You have a weapon of warfare in worship and in praise! Use it! Go for God! Stand strong in Him!Being aggressive in worship, is being ready for warfare. But this readiness, is in His strength and in His might and power.


ninaruth said...

Praise God! The Lord has been showing me through His Word (He led me on an amazing Bibles study about using PRAISE to set people free!) this principle...but I've been struggling to obey Him! I'm not a worship leader or anything...I can barely carry a tune...but all God has told me to do, repeatedly over a certain situation is to PRAISE Him & He'd do the rest! (Psalm 32:7 was the most recent word He gave me). I'd sure appreciate it if you & your wife Debbie would agree together in prayer for me to stop doubting/wavering/questioning/waffling & delaying obedience and to just PRAISE JESUS!!!

ninaruth said...

p.s. God bless you both!